Teach Tomorrow's Cloud Workforce Today

There are millions of high-paying employment opportunities in the cloud, with the average AWS Certification. However, there is a large skills gap in the marketplace and these jobs cannot be filled fast enough. In fact, in a recent survey, Glassdoor reports that the time to hire for tech jobs has increased 80% from 2009 to 2015. With the increasing demand for cloud employees, AWS Educate provides an academic gateway for the next generation of IT and cloud professionals. AWS Educate is Amazon’s global initiative to provide students, veterans, and educators with a robust set of complimentary tools, resources, and AWS Promotional Credits to skill up on the cloud and prepare for future careers. AWS Educate also provides a job-board for employment opportunities for students 18 and over.

For educators, AWS Educate offers a robust portal filled with tools and content that enables teachers to better integrate cloud technology into their curriculum.

Join hundreds of thousands of students, over 10,000 educators, and more than 1,500 institutions who use AWS Educate.


AWS Educate Member Benefits

  • AWS Promotional Credits: Educators receive up to $200 in AWS Promotional Credits, while students receive up to $100 in AWS Promotional Credits.
  • AWS Training Opportunities: All members receive access to intro labs and the AWS Technical Essentials learning course; educators get 50% off AWS training and certification exams.
  • Curated Content: Educators receive course-specific, pre-grouped AWS content that they can download and incorporate in class. They also get custom-built classrooms ready to teach in-demand topics such as machine learning. Students get access to self-paced learning curriculum and the ability to earn digital badges and credentials.
  • Robust Tools: Educators gain access to the AWS Educator Portal – a tool designed to make it easier to incorporate cloud content into the classroom; students get access to the AWS Educate Student Portal as well as the AWS Educate Job Board.


AWS Educate Use Cases

  • Workforce Development - Cloud Career Pathways provide skills needed for specific jobs, and students are rewarded with microcredentials
  • Curriculum Development - Educators can select from curated content to build classroom curriculum
  • Cloud Skills Development - Members can build skills with free access to intro labs, hundreds of hours of content, and the AWS Technical Essentials course
  • Hackathons - Students receive up to $100 free AWS Promotional credits with enrollment, often popular with students participating in hackathons


* AWS Educate is available globally to students who are 14 or older, with the exceptions of China, Switzerland, and EU countries (16 or older); and Algeria, Lebanon, and Portugal (18 or older). ‡This represents AWS Promotional Credits at member institutions. Non-member institutions receive fewer AWS Promotional Credits. Visit www.awseducate.com for more details.