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  • The Alexa Skills Badge – with 10-15 hours of dedicated Alexa skills training to help you every step of the way. Scroll down for more info!

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  • Alexa Skills Kit– use self-service APIs, tools, documentation, and code samples to easily add your skill to Alexa
  • Alexa Skills Store– check out existing skills, new arrivals, skill categories, and customer reviews
  • Designing for Voice– learn the process for thinking through the design of a voice experience
  • Getting Started– start building quickly with templates and tutorials
  • On-demand Webinars– learn how to build a standout Alexa skill, building skills for Echo Show, and more
  • Test Your Skill– read how you can test a new skill
  • Test Simulator – test your skill directly in your Developer Console with either text or voice and see how it displays on an Echo Show 
  • io– use a browser-based interface to the cloud-based Alexa voice service to test your skill
  • Alexa Cookbook– short code samples that show you how to add features to an Alexa skill
  • Alexa for Business– includes information and documentation on how to leverage Alexa for Business specific features. While not required for submission, participants may consider using the Alexa for Business features in their skill


Alexa Badge

Never built a skill? No problem. The Alexa Badge for AWS Educate has 10-15 hours of dedicated Alexa skills training to help you every step of the way.

Alexa is Amazon’s cloud-based voice service and the brain behind tens of millions of devices like Echo Show and Echo Spot. You can build capabilities, or skills, that make Alexa smarter and make everyday tasks faster, easeir, and more delightful for customers. There are now tens of thousands of skills from companies like Starbucks, Activision, Uber, Sony Pictures Television, Domino's,and Capital One, as well as other innovative designers and developers.

The new content focuses on introducing students to the technology behind Alexa and teaching them how to build and publish new skills. The content is grouped into four learning modules where students begin with introductory AWS services and then lead into the Alexa Skills Kit, a collection of tools, APIs, reference solutions, and documentation that make it easy for anyone to build with Alexa.

Students will hear from professionals in the field and learn how Alexa is used today. A set of labs, hands-on activities, and assessments are provided for students to exercise their new learnings. From interactive games to smart-home integrations and even drone control, the opportunities for students are limitless to enable voice-first experiences with Alexa.

AWS Educate is committed to training the next generation of IT professionals by providing the resources and tools needed to accelerate cloud related learning. AWS Educate Pathways provide students with access to credits, training, and the option to choose their desired cloud careers. In each pathway, participants will complete knowledge checks, lab exercises, and projects to practice and test their knowledge and earn an AWS Educate Certificate of Completion. Pathways include access to AWS services and over 30 hours of engaging resources.

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