AWS Educate Job Board


AWS Educate student members can search for and apply to over 2,500 early-career jobs and internship opportunities at Amazon and its partners through the AWS Educate job Board.

Students can save job searches and set preferences, which alert them when new jobs that match their interests are posted. Based on their career focus and goals, students can target their search based on job type, skills that they have accumulated, and geographic location. AWS Educate Job Board includes cloud-focused jobs and internships from cutting-edge companies around the world.

Employers seeking cloud-ready talent can search among the hundreds of thousands of AWS Educate student members whose profiles best match their talent needs. Employers can contact qualified students by emailing them through AWS Educate, provided those students have indicated that they wish to be contacted about opportunities.


Interview Today: Expedited Interview Paths for AWS Educate Learners

In addition, U.S. members have access to the AWS Educate Interview Accelerator, a tool that enables employers to speed students through the interview process if they meet certain requirements. Employers first identify prerequisites and then select an Interview Accelerator action, such as a phone screen, in-person interview, or online assessment.

AWS Educate’s Interview Accelerator provides AWS Educate students in the U.S. an opportunity to be placed at the front of the line for cloud computing jobs. At the completion of specific curricula on AWS Educate, students will be eligible for interviews for Cloud Support Engineer, Software Development Engineer, Cloud Support Associate, and Solution Architect roles with Amazon and AWS.

“Cloud-related skills are among some of the most sought-after in the workforce,” says Ian Wilson, Amazon HR VP. “As we expand our hiring to support the millions of companies that use AWS, this new program aims to put the most qualified candidates of all backgrounds in front of hiring managers, while also addressing the growing skills gap in the market.”

AWS Educate is also collaborating with community colleges, veteran organizations, and workforce development entities to create new pipelines of diverse candidates from largely untapped channels.

“As an award-winning employer and an innovative company born in the cloud, it is a great fit working with AWS to bring top talent to Instructure,” says Cale Cranney, Sr. Director, HR and Recruitment, Instructure. “We’re proud to take advantage of the job board in AWS Educate to match talented candidates to our staffing needs.”

“NetApp is very pleased to further its relationship through the AWS Educate program promoting our cloud offerings and hire outstanding cloud talent,” says Trent Peterson, Senior Manager, University Relations, NetApp.

Find Your Dream Job Today

With hundreds of thousands of students and over 10,000 educators enrolled, AWS Educate provides students and educators access to content, tools, and resources to prepare students for cloud-enabled jobs. Among other benefits, the program includes: cloud computing and AWS learning content; AWS Promotional Credits for students to get hands-on, real-world experience in the cloud; micro-credentials to showcase skill attainment; and the option to choose and learn more about their desired cloud careers.

Alfredo Colon realized his career options were limited in a weak job market after Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico. He joined AWS Educate and completed many of the pathways prior to interviewing and obtained a job with Universal Studios as a Full Stack Developer. He said, “When I had my first interview for cloud engineering, pretty much all the knowledge I discussed in that interview was based on what I learned from AWS Educate.”

Students, educators, and educational institutions can apply to join AWS Educate at